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Gaius Octavius

by John DeMarco

Two thousand seventy eight years ago today (23rd September 63BC), Gaius Octavius was born into poverty while chaos reigned in Rome. Caesar was struggling to become The Savior as Sulla'a bloodbath was still fresh upon the minds of the surviving plebs.. like his Father, Octavius was by all accounts a demigod and not a common man who adhered and succeeded to his calling. And may he never be looked upon as merely an unusually handsome man as is the practice of the modern day tourists in Rome. For such vanity would be a disservice and a blight upon the true meaning of his legacy, achieved after his final struggle with Mark Anthony, Caesar's most trusted General and beloved Priest who betrayed his will as witnessed by the rooster who crowed thrice.. Before his assassination Caesar named Octavius Rome's first Emperor and a return to the Kingship, he also reformed the Roman Calendar adding two months.. July for himself and, August for Octavius pending his potential victory over Mark Anthony. A conflict which Caesar saw well in advance. And with the help of the gods Octavius overcame all odds and became Rome's first Emperor renaming himself 'Augustus' honoring his Fathers will. The triumph of Augustus brought the birth of the Roman Empire and the Caesar's to come.. all which was paid for with the blood of Caesar himself who defeated the Roman Senate in the final spiritual battle which took place in the Pompeian Theater. It is here where Rome's great Father met his death in perfect virtue giving the heavenly Father the strength to chain Lucifer in the Pit as in accordance with divine law. As Emperor, Augustus established an order of spiritualism over materialism, outlawed all vices, and carried out his Father's policy of clemency for the enemies of Rome and of the heavenly Father. Today his great and noble legacy is still upon us, and those who recognize his gifts and follow the precepts of civilization are blessed in his spirit.