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“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Marcus Aurelius

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The Empire Constantine to the last emperor Romulus Augustus (306 to 476AD)

Sol Invictus

This wonderful bronze bust of Sol Invictus would have been a stunning golden colour in its day (3rd century CE). From the earliest days Sol was revered in Roman religion, but most especially during the 3rd and 4th centuries CE when Sol Invictus (the unconquered sun) became one of the most popular deities in Rome.

Mosaic showing the Personification of the Sun
Late 3rd - early 4th century AD, Archaeological Museum, Sparta

Villa Romana del Casale

This Roman villa contains the richest, largest and most complex collection of Roman mosaics in the world, among which stick out detailed animal hunt scenes, daily life, horse race scenes and the famous “Bikini Girls”.

Built in the first quarter of the 4th century, the villa was the centre of a large agricultural estate ("latifundium" in Latin) believed to be property of a member of senatorial class, judging by the amount and quality of its artwork.

Ancient Roman Lucerna
Oil lamp, shaped as a ship - galley, made of bronze, 4th century AD, found at Smederevo, Serbia

Late Roman Parade Helmet

 Late Roman parade helmet - bronze, gold plated, with gems and glass pasta ornaments from Berkasovo, northern Serbia, 4th century AD. One of the most beautiful ancient Roman helmets.